FREE Roof Imaging

Florida weather is very tough on roofs for homes and businesses. We have hurricane winds, tropical storms, hail, and the heat makes it ideal conditions for cyanobacteria to thrive. Roofing companies want to replace roofs at the first opportunity, and insurance companies want to deny those claims. It’s a long process for homeowners who get stuck in the middle. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can take a look at your own roof and decide if it’s worth entering into that process with roofers and insurance companies? That is where we step in and offer you FREE imaging of your roof.


Home inspections are incomplete without proper roof imaging to accurately show what is going on.


Roof imaging is perfect for before or after a storm to establish a timeline of any damage for insurance companies.


Before or after a project it’s a good idea to assess the surface for concerns that need to be addressed with a contractor.


Ensure that everything protecting your family is in tip-top shape, and be assured that you are staying proactive.


Because this service is FREE there is a waitlist to receive your roof images from Champion SoftWash. At first availability we will come to your property, take pictures, and e-mail them to you. There is no fee or obligation, but if you are happy with your pictures, we would love to hear about it in a Google or Facebook review! Follow these steps:


  1. Contact us via e-mail, phone, or below in our form
  2. If necessary we will contact you back to confirm date/time of appointment
  3. Wait for photographs to arrive to your e-mail address!


Your photographs will be high-resolution (4K) taken with our Hasselblad camera from a safe altitude above your property. The appointment takes no longer than 15 minutes and you do not need to be home. We our licensed with the FAA, properly insured and verified through Ask the Seal, so you can be assured that there is no risk to you or your property.