Oakmonte Village

Oakmonte Village is a beautiful retirement and assisted living facility in Lake Mary, FL. On their premises, they have multiple types of living situations, from independent villas to full-service memory care. The property began building in 2009 and the roofs had never been maintained. Champion SoftWash was hired on to clean and sanitize 21 villa roofs and the main Valencia building roof. Since Oakmonte Village had never cleaned or maintained their roofs in the past, there was 10 years of algae build-up and dirt that had accumulated. The property had concerns of breakage due to having a barrel tile roof. Since Champion SoftWash does not use a pressure washer and can clean everything from the ground or a ladder, we did not need to step foot on the roof, we were the perfect company.

Utilizing the network

We decided to break the project up into different phases, first starting on the villas and then migrating to the main Valencia building. We brought in Golden Gator, a SoftWash System’s In-Network Company to assist us in cleaning the villas. SoftWash System’s In-Network Companies all have the same training, use the same soaps and solutions and utilize the same equipment. By bringing in another company, we were able to shorten the amount that was spent cleaning the villas by 4 days.

Sticking to schedule

We created and stuck with a strict schedule, cleaning between 2-5 villas per day. Since the villas were built at different times throughout the past 10 years, they had different stain loads. We decided to tackle the dirtiest villas first and worked clockwise towards the newest built units. We value communication and had daily check-ins with the head engineer on each day’s progress and where we would be migrating to the following day.

At Champion SoftWash, we are advocates for plant protection. We place buckets under all downspouts to collect run-off solution instead of allowing it to go directly into the landscaping. Because we use the bucket method, it allowed us to offer complimentary driveway cleanings by spreading the collected solution directly onto the driveways. This was a bonus for both the residents and staff, as neither would have to clean their driveways themselves. The property also had a small guard shack at the front entrance which also had a barrel tile roof. We decided to provide a free cleaning for the guard shack to ensure the entire property looked like new.

After cleaning all 21 villas, we were able to migrate to the Valencia building. The building is a 3 story structure with a barrel tile façade and a white TPO roof. We split the roof up into 8 sections that would be completed over 4 days. In the mornings, we would focus on cleaning the barrel tile portion and left the flat TPO roof for the afternoons. This allowed us to work efficiently in smaller sections to complete the entire surface.

5-year spot free warranty

We were able to complete the entire project in exactly two weeks and came in right on schedule. We were able to offer the property a 5-year spot free warranty on their freshly cleaned roofs. If any spots were to appear in the next 5 years, they simply give us a call and we come out to retreat areas. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an outstanding warranty by using SoftWash System’s surfactants.

It was an absolute pleasure to clean for such a beautiful property in our area, we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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