Champion Attends 9th Annual Softwashapolooza

This week’s blog we wanted to share about our second trip to Softwashapolooza. We continue to surround ourselves with folks who have like-minded values and ethics. And that’s why our company is not only a part of a fantastic network like SoftWash Systems, but we’re integral members. Each year SoftWash in-network companies get together for a 3 day event to invest in ourselves and our company by attending courses and seminars directly related to what we do, and networking. And this was our second trip to the event.

Great Minds Wash Alike!

This year was everything we expected, plus more. We won Best Exemplary Company, an award given to companies who best exemplify what it means to be in the network, an ambassador. It was an honor to be nominated, and we were of course proud to take home the trophy. It only inspires us to work harder and represent the great network even more.

During the 3 day event we attended 15 different courses related to a number of topics; Managing our business, keeping our overhead low to maximize value for our customers, how to responsibly lead and coach our team members, and how to be exemplary members in our community. Additionally, we learned about amazing new innovative products that will help us remain on the cutting edge of roof and exterior cleaning. We also got to teach a class to students on what to expect in their first year as a SoftWashing company.

We Are Leading the Way

In addition to taking great strides in learning about new tools for cleaning, we also spent time investing into our ability to coach and lead. It’s important to not only help the community get clean, but we believe it’s also important to inspire and lead our team toward their goals as well. We are only as strong as our team member with the biggest potential to grow.

Champion SoftWash is thrilled to take the next step to growing our company so we can help our employees reach their goals, and so we can do what we do best the most, and that’s service people. Because relationships are what we built our business on.

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