Rewards & Programs

For every new client you refer to us, we will give you a 10% referral reward.

When you refer someone, you will automatically receive a certificate that you may use for cash or services. Here’s an example of how it works: You refer a new client to us. Let’s say they spend $1,000 for their services. We will automatically send you a referral certificate for $100. To redeem it, you simply present it toward a SoftWashing project, or mail it back to us to redeem it for cash. It’s that easy!


We want to honor those who protect us every single day. As a way to give thanks we provide a 10% reward to all residential customers who work in the following fields or roles: Active Military, Veterans, Educators, Firefighters, EMS, Doctors, Nurses and Law Enforcement. You are the real champion, thank you for keeping us safe and enriching our lives.


We recognize the importance for a community to be bound by a tapestry of morals that hold family, faith and love above all else. We want to give our appreciation to all institutions of faith by providing a 10% commercial discount on our roof and exterior SoftWashing services. Thank you for providing our community an outlet to share our faith with others.