Ace for the Cure

Benefiting the Research Towards the Cure for Breast Cancer

The Ace for the Cure is an Ace Race, a type of disc golf tournament where players compete by solely scoring the most hole-in-ones, or Aces. Shots are not counted like in normal play. Players shoot (or throw) two discs from the tee pad on shortened holes and the objective is to make it into the target, or at the very least hit it. All players will be throwing the same discs too. Due to Discraft not officially running the Ace Race in 2021, we will be using a different mold already in their current lineup, but will not be revealed until closer to the event. We are expecting a huge turnout for this year’s Ace for the Cure so make sure you register early!


River City Nature Park
200 Barwick Road
DeBary, FL 32713

October 31, 2021

If registering more than one player, please create a new registration for each player.

Prize Packages

Grand Prizes for the event will be announced as the event approaches closer. But rest assured there will be plenty of awesome stuff to giveaway!

Player Package

In order to participate in the event you have to be properly geared up! Each player gets a huge player pack of cool stuff, event. and everyone is throwing the same discs! The discs are current Discraft disc molds that are easy to throw for beginners and pros.. The 2021 player’s pack will include the following:


  1. Two identical discs (Mold to be announced at a later time)
  2. Drawstring backpack
  3. Towel
  4. Sport bottle
  5. Keychain
  6. Sanitizer bottle
  7. Snapback Cap & Stickers

Rules of Play

Players are required to use the player package discs, and only these discs. Players may throw one or two discs from each of the 36 holes, provided they are using their own discs. If a disc is lost, they are only permitted to use their remaining disc. All players should have their scorecards and mark “A” for aces (hole-in-one), and “M” for holes which they hit metal, (Metal constitutes any area on the target, but not including the pole it sits upon).


After all players in the group have thrown, discs are picked up and the group moves directly to the next tee. Players keep their scorecards for round two. The player with the most aces “A” after 36 holes is declared the winner. In case of ties, the number of metal hits “M” is used as a tie breaker. If a tie persists, a Closest-To-Pin contest is then used to determine the winner. Both players tee off on one hole and whichever disc is closest to the pin (target) is the winner.

Event Schedule

(To be announced)

Come Dressed Up!

All participants who come in costume automatically get ONE ACE added to their scorecard! We will also be giving prizes to the best costumes.

We Can Tackle This!

The Cure Bowl was founded in 2007 to help raise funds for breast cancer research. They partnered with SoftWash Systems to allow in-network companies such as our company, Champion SoftWash, the opportunity to financially contribute towards one common goal. That goal is to raise funds that directly benefit the nation’s highest rated breast cancer organization, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, whose mission is committed to exclusively funding cancer research. Champion SoftWash, along with all the in-network companies in the world, we have contributed more than a quarter million dollars. We at Champion SoftWash decided to take our efforts to the next level by partnering directly with the Cure Bowl. Here in central Florida disc golf is a very popular pastime, and we felt there was an opportunity to marriage a great cause like the Cure Bowl, and a very friendly disc golf community. 100% of the proceeds for the event are donated to the Cure Bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a PDGA member to compete?

No. Anyone can participate, and anyone can win. Ace Race is about fun, not competition.

I want to bring my family to the event, is that okay?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to come and play.

I am new to disc golf. Should I be worried about participating?

No, in fact just the opposite. Ace Races are perfect for those who want to learn the sport and play in a casual environment.