Project Studies

St. James Cathedral School


St. James Cathedral School in Orlando needed their barrel tile roof cleaned. When it was previously cleaned, contractors had broken many tiles from walking on it. Additionally, the director was nervous about using bleach.


Our first task was to educate the director of importance of bleach in sanitizing a surface such as their roof. Next, we were to devise a plan to treat their roof, sidewalk and building exterior before an important Easter brunch event.


We met the director to give a demonstration on the effectiveness of our solution and educate on the topic of bleach. After securing the bid, we executed a plan to treat all surfaces, and to most importantly stay off of the roof.


The roof was successfully treated without ever having to step foot on it, and we were able to complete the project with plenty time to spare. We were honored to clean the school’s roof that we provided a courtesy cleaning of their playground equipment and removed several areas of pesky rust stains as well. Most importantly, we rejuvenated the faith in roof cleaners by reminding the property director that there are companies like us that have the knowledge and capabilities of cleaning without putting their property at risk.