Commercial Services

We know that first impressions are absolutely critical for successful businesses, and we are committed to helping you achieve that sparkling first impression. Our well-trained, professional technicians are experienced in exterior treatment, contaminant removal, and organic-pest prevention. We are experienced in treating business properties and industrial buildings, and are licensed, bonded, and insured. Take a look at our services below, learn how softwashing is the difference maker, and then reach out to us to book a treatment.


Here in Florida, bacteria and mildew builds up on roofs, leaving unsightly black spots and streaks. We see a lot of rust from vent pipes that leak down homes too. When we softwash your roof, we not only kill the organic growth that’s eroding your shingles and tiles, we revive inorganic surfaces like tile, metal and powder coatings.

Watch this video to see how we do roofs


Office buildings exceeding 3 floors will see an array of contaminants and damage at higher levels due to wind gusts and sun cover. Champion is equipped to treat specific problems at any height, and will not keep your business out of operation.


After buildings go up or undergo renovating, the aftermath can stick around long after all the equipment and material have been removed. Champion can put the finishing touch on your jobs.


Concrete surfaces see the most wear, making them susceptible to additional erosion from the blasting of a pressure washer, which can also reveal the aggregate under the surface and this looks terrible. SoftWashing treats them for the long term, and leaves a residual inhibitor to your surface that keeps them treated for years, guaranteed.

Watch this video to see how we do flatwork


SoftWashing works perfectly with windows, where pressure is not necessary. We use low pressure to deliver our solution, which has a waxing agent to make them really pop when we’re done. Our pure water final application leaves them spot-free.


The awning and coverings over business entrances made from vinyl, acrylic and fabric need routine treatments just as much as the siding, which if neglected can affect them.


Organic and inorganic contaminants aren’t the only threat to your building. UV damage can wear down on vinyl, dry-vit, stucco and aggregate, and become damaged when pressure is applied. SoftWashing thoroughly treats, rejuvenates exterior surfaces by providing a buffing agent, and is the exclusive treatment alternative for dry-vit.

Watch this video to see how we do exteriors


When selling residential and commercial listings, every day that passes is revenue lost. Let us help you get all your listings sell-ready. We offer deep discounts for bundled listings, and are happy to create contracts to brokers for all their agents.


When the weather is beautiful, patrons enjoy sitting outside. With our 100% biodegradable and EPA compliant chemicals we can keep your outside area looking beautiful all year long.


The memories of lost loved ones is important to honor, and so that’s why we decided to address an issue that is prevalent in our area, and that’s treating and restoring memorial headstones. Given the large area of many cemeteries, it can be a challenge for management to provide routine treatment to all headstones on the property. Access to water is a challenge too. Champion SoftWash is happy to provide this service to property managers. Our 100% biodegradable and EPA-compliant chemicals are safe on surfaces like wood, bronze, marble, limestone, sandstone and granite.