Community Services

A sanitized, well-maintained public space is an important part of attracting tenants and homeowners to your community. Roof replacements, driveway and walking path re-surfacing can cost properties tens of thousands of dollars. By treating these surfaces we prevent the need for costly replacements, prolong the life of the surface, and prevent the contaminants from coming back for up to 18 months. Below are just some of the services we offer for community managers.


A community’s clubhouse is where tenants can host events, and it’s where management conducts business. It’s the flagship to the community. Just like homes, surfaces of the clubhouse can be treated and safe-guarded with Champion SoftWash’s solutions. The first impression your clubhouse makes should be a good one.


Retaining walls can be littered with contaminants that look horrendous. These support structures that span long distances are easily overlooked by property managers, but are one of the first things potential tenants see when they visit. Black streaks, lichen build up, organic growths are all no match for Champion SoftWash.


Playgrounds are dirtier than you may think. On average there are 3,500,000 colony forming units of bacteria per square inch at a playground. For comparison, a toilet seat averages about 175 colony forming units per square inch. Our solution eradicates, and keeps that bacteria at bay from coming back, and is safe for children.


Don’t be at fault with a dirty tennis court. Shaded areas where debris accumulates can allows fungus and mold to thrive. UV damage causes lines and color to fade. Spilled drinks and food can become primers for bacteria havens. SoftWashing is a perfect, gentle counter to these issues, and will keep your court beautiful all year long.