Medical Facilities

Medical facilities demand a higher level of professionalism and service from their exterior sanitizing and treatment providers. Our well-trained, professional technicians are experienced in contaminant removal, organic-pest prevention, and are licensed in biomedical waste removal. Hospitals benefit from us helping them to mitigate the risks of trips, slips and falls by keeping their facilities sanitized. We have the right experience in treating hospitals, and are licensed, bonded and insured. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to meet us, and experience why we’re the southeast’s top team for treating and sanitizing medical facilities.


In the southeast, bacteria and mildew builds up on roofs, leaving unsightly black spots and streaks. Rust stains from vent pipes are common as well. When we SoftWash hospital roofs, we not only kill the organic growth that’s eroding the surface, we revive inorganic surfaces like metal and powder coatings to last longer.


SoftWashing works perfectly with windows, where pressure is not necessary. We use low pressure to deliver our solution, which has a waxing agent to make them really pop when we’re done. Our pure water final application leaves them spot-free.


Organic and inorganic contaminants aren’t the only threat to your building. UV damage can wear down on alucabond, dry-vit, stucco, and become damaged when high pressure is applied. SoftWashing thoroughly treats, sanitizes and rids these surfaces of damaging cyanobacteria, without high pressure.


SoftWashing works great safely removing the unsightly matter from helipads. Our technicians are trained to act quickly, and licensed to communicated with ATC personnel to make sanitizing these surfaces safe for our company, and the hospital.


Concrete surfaces see the most wear, making them susceptible to additional erosion from the blasting of a pressure washer, which can also reveal the aggregate under the surface looking terrible. SoftWashing treats them for the long term, and leaves a residual inhibitor to your surface that keeps them sanitized longer.


When the weather is beautiful, employees and guests enjoy sitting outside in hospital courtyards. With our 100% biodegradable, non-hazardous and EPA compliant chemicals we can keep your outside area looking beautiful all year long.