Ace for the Cure Announcement

The Cure Bowl was founded in 2007 to help raise funds for breast cancer research. They partnered with SoftWash Systems to allow in-network companies the opportunity to financially contribute towards a common goal. That goal is to raise funds that directly benefit the nation’s highest rated breast cancer organization, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, whose mission is committed to exclusively funding cancer research. Champion SoftWash, along with all the in-network companies in the world, we have contributed more than a quarter million dollars.

Ace For The Cure

We at Champion SoftWash decided to take our efforts to the next level by partnering directly with the Cure Bowl. Here in central Florida disc golf is a very popular pastime, and with more than 10,000 active players we felt there was an opportunity to marriage a great cause like Cure Bowl with a very giving and friendly community. We are hosting and organizing the Ace For The Cure disc golf event, and plan to contribute all proceeds to the Cure Bowl. More information will be forthcoming, and we will be sure to update the webpage dedicated to the event and our Facebook page