Gateway at Riverwalk condominiums

Champion SoftWash has been awarded with the privilege of restoring the Gateway at Riverwalk condominiums to their former glory. The condominium is home to more than a hundred tenants in downtown Sanford, and overlooks beautiful Lake Monroe. It is a landmark to the community. After a long wait while the condos transitioned to a new property manager at Bono Management, the decision was made to clean exterior surfaces immediately.

The building will be in great hands as the surface’s prescribed means of cleaning is low-pressure. High pressure will easily ruin stucco-like material, and would set the tenants and the property management company back in their deliberate and forward moving pace.

The Project Scope

The project includes the sanitizing and cleaning of the exterior surfaces of the building, the sanitizing and cleaning of the parking garage, and the cleaning of the paver flatwork surrounding the building. The project will last just over 2 weeks, and at the conclusion, one of Sanford’s tallest buildings will be one of the most beautiful. We are looking forward to making a very big step in advancing our company’s culture, and essentially being on stage to show the community who we are, what we value, and what we are capable of.

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