What Soaps We Use: Terra Wash

The next soap in our line of soaps that we carry is TerraWash. If GreenWash is our organic killer, TerraWash is our non-organic killer. SoftWash Systems developed TerraWash specifically for cleaning those dry environments where there isn’t any algae, mold or mildew, but cleaning is still needed. We use it for stains like smog, carbon and oil, grease, dirt, soil, and dust.

Powerful In The Right Hands

It also has incredible de-greasing properties which makes it vital that we never ever put this on roofs of any kind. TerraWash will strip away the aggregate on shingles and ruin the roof. This makes it great on the stains I mentioned though. It is also a bio-cide when combined with bleach, killing organic growths as well that it comes into contact with. It is also a surfactant lifting those stains off of the surface. And it’s great for treating bug-nests and spider webs. We’ll often take a pump sprayer and fill it with 1/3 TerraWash and the rest with GreenWash and apply it to those areas, often in the corners of entry ways and breezeways. Spider webs just melt when TerraWash makes contact with it.

The Holy Trinity

Where we use TerraWash the most is in what we call our “Trinity” mix. It’s not one soap, it’s multiple. It’s a combination of GreenWash, TerraWash and RainFresh, our fragrance additive. We put it all into one solution that when combined with bleach and water is a fantastic cleaner for all sorts of surfaces, but mainly siding of buildings and homes.

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